Making Dreams

Come True

IGLOOZE is the first official Iglooze hire in Sydney; founded with a passion for people and a keen eye for detail. 

We specialize in styling your dream event in the comfort of your own home, or ask where we can up one of our igloo(s) across Sydney & NSW, or get set up with an Iglooze at your own event to add that extra wow-factor.

We offer themed party packages with transparent and affordable pricing to suit your needs. Come rain, or shine, our Iglooze are designed to withstand the elements. All Iglooze are wind and waterproof and come equipped with a heater or fans to ensure your event goes down a storm .... excuse the pun (although intended).

No matter which package you choose, we include free styling, and our team will set up, dismantle and clean up afterwards so you don't have to. Following your initial consultation and upon agreement of event, we provide you with a formalized proposal document that will outline any themes and/or requests.

The Iglooze team love to see you happy and go above and beyond to deliver, read on to learn more about the team!

Toni & Georgie

Turning a Vision into Reality

I'm Toni, originally from the UK. Friends and colleagues would describe me as fun-loving and gregarious. I'm a firm believer in the play-hard, work-hard mentality and what's more fun than creating memorable events that make people smile?

I'm fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to travel, volunteer and meet people from all over the world- extending my chosen family as I go.

When I met Georgie,  a symbiotic relationship was formed immediately. Two dreamers with big visions and plenty of drive to boot. We both love organizing events for partners, friends, family and colleagues and the evident joy it brings people brought us each such a sense of fulfilment.


So, it made sense to bring our shared passion for events and creative natures together to form IGLOOZE.

We hope it brings you as much joy as it does us.

Untitled 5.png
Toni. Co-Founder 

The Devil is

in The Detail 

Hi, I'm Georgie, also originally from the UK. I was born and raised in the North of England. I've been in Australia for four years and the accent isn't going anywhere anytime soon, by the sounds of things!

I knew Australia was home for me the second I arrived. It wasn't long after that I met Toni. We instantly became best friends. We later moved in together and saw an opportunity to utilize the creative flares we saw in each other. 

Like Toni, I also love to travel and have a keen eye for interior design. I'm currently studying for an Advanced Diploma in screen media and special effects makeup. Toni and I firmly believe in constant self-improvement, which is why I continue to study and grow despite owning a successful Brows business.

Being creative in all aspects of my life and making people feel confident and happy brings me the most joy in life and IGLOOZE allows me the opportunity to branch out and create happiness in an environment.

I hope you love your experience with IGLOOZE and look forward to meeting you all!